Steampunk Pub


Everquest Next Landmark - Steampunk Pub

Pull up a chair by the Hearth … chimney!

This creation blew our mind. It not only has a stunning amount of detail and gives you this feeling of: ‘Hey! I want to head in there and grab a tankard of …anything!’

The technically affinity of the design also makes us hopeful for more sci-fi and cyberpunk creations in Landmark!

Creator: TonicMan26

9 thoughts on “Steampunk Pub

  1. John

    Steampunk Style is NOT the way to go.

    Look at Rift for example.
    That game is a complete joke, Steampunk style = RUBBISH. It does not last what so ever. It looks like crap and totally takes away the feeling of the game. Did World of Warcraft go with the Steampunk style? NO.

    Rift did, and look at Rift.

    Steampunk = nay …

    1. Tryn

      I’m not sure why? I would say that even the statement that wow didn’t go with steampunk is wrong. All engineer profession is steampunk (although, I’m not sure if we have the same image in head when it comes to steampunk) and for me, it’s the best profession from the game.

      1. Miksterion Post author

        I kind of agree. When I saw TonicMan26’s creation for the first time I was immediately reminded of the gnomish culture/architecture in Wow. And I feel that fits into a fantasy setting quite well. Same goes for the Skaven in Warhammer. Don’t you think?

        1. Miksterion Post author

          I guess in the end an art style of a game is like art itself: subjective to the observer. As long as the core mechanics of a game are in tact, the art style is just a personal preference. Don’t you agree? :)

        2. John

          I so wish there was a way to “dislike” or “downvote” a comment…

          Everyone would not agree with you John – and you bring shame to the name.

    2. Randomlynamed

      Hi john. Shut up, you jealous style Nazi. Shoo…*swats at you with a broom* back to your cave! K thanks. :)

      I think this looks amazing. Excellent job.

  2. Zelina

    Where is your claim? I’d like to visit and how did you get those angled walls I’ve been trying to get them since alpha.


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